Luggage and lost property

Check here for some of our frequently asked questions about luggage and lost property

Why do I label my luggage?

All luggage must be labelled under the National Rail Conditions of Carriage. This information can also be used to return any lost property.


What if I'm travelling in a group with large amounts of luggage?

Subject to space and availability group luggage should be checked into the drivers or guards' van.


How do I check items into the driver or guards van?

Please contact a member of the station team on the platform or the ticket office and ask them for assistance to ensure you are standing in the right area of the platform for the storage area. When the train arrives contact the on board team to ask for their assistance.


How do I label my luggage?

We advise that you always label your luggage clearly when you are travelling on trains.


How do I remove my items from the driver or guards van?

On the approach to your destination station, advise a team member of the on board team that you will need access to the van. Station and onboard teams will advise you in the alighting procedures.


I have lost something on the train. Who do I contact?

If you lose something on a trains, please contact the appropriate Train Operator with the details.