At the Station

Check here for some of our frequently asked questions about using your tickets at the station

My tickets have failed from TOD ( Ticket on departure machine at the station) how do I proceed?

If you are unable to collect your tickets (for example due to the ticket machine(s) being out of service), you should contact the station staff for further assistance. If there are not any staff members at the station, you should board your booked train and make yourself known to the on-train staff at the earliest possible opportunity, who can help deal with your issue.


I have purchased a new ticket to travel can I claim a refund?

We advise you to send your tickets back via guaranteed delivery service, such as Royal Mail Special Delivery, or provide proof of postage (available at any Post Office, free of charge) as we cannot be held liable for any tickets lost in transit to us.
We regret that the postage and packaging costs cannot be refunded.
From receipt it will take up to 28 working days to process your refund and it may take a further 5 days for this credit to appear on your statement. There will be a £10 management fee for processing refunds.
If you selected the Self service ticket option and have not collected your tickets, we will process the claim without you having to collect the tickets. The amount of refund that you are due will depend on the ticket purchased and the terms and conditions of that ticket. Tickets are refunded when tickets are proven to have failed from the machine, tickets that prove to have been printed will not be reimbursed.


Can I go to the platform if I don’t have a ticket?

If you are not travelling and have a valid reason to access the station platforms then please speak to a member of the gateline team who can issue you with a platform pass.


Will ticket gates retain my ticket?

No, all of the gates at stations will return your ticket to you.


What do I need to take with me when I travel?

Your train tickets and reservation coupons. If you cannot present these, or are travelling on a train other than those detailed on your reservation coupons, you will be charged the appropriate fare for your journey. This charge is not refundable so be sure that you have all your tickets and reservations with you before travel.


Will my Season Ticket work with the gates?

Yes, however you will need to remove it from its wallet and insert it into the gate. If your Season Ticket becomes damaged, ask for a replacement at the ticket office where you originally purchased it.


What happens if I purchase a ticket from and my train is delayed? is an impartial retailer and sells train tickets on behalf of all Train Operators. If you were delayed on a train you should direct any complaints to that operator .


Are there baby-changing facilities at all stations?

Facilities vary from station to station. For further information regarding facilities at stations please consult the following pages: for details. Many trains have baby changing facilities on board, please check directly with the Train Operators regarding this facility.


What should I do if I have lost my booking reference?

If you have lost your booing reference and email confirmation contact the redspottedhanky help desk who will be able to help you.


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