Ticket Types

Check here for some of our frequently asked questions about different ticket types available.

What is the minimum transaction your website will accept?

The minimum transaction level on the redspottedhanky.com website is £0.10. You will only be able to make a booking if your total spend exceeds this amount. This amount does not include any charges or fees applied.


What are Advance Purchase tickets?

Advance tickets are sold only as singles (one-way) and if you can be flexible about your travel times, you're more likely to get the lowest available prices. As these attractive fares are quickly snapped up, try to book ahead if you can. We will allocate your seat when you book your ticket. You can buy Advance tickets in First and Standard Class. You may even want to book Standard Class for your outward journey and First Class for your return journey, or vice versa. Standard and First Advance tickets usually go on sale about 12 weeks before departure.


What types of ticket are there to choose from?

We offer a range of tickets to suit your requirements and budget.

  1. Advance tickets are sold only as single fares, allowing you to purchase the best deal on each stage of your journey. Advance tickets are subject to availability and carry restrictions in terms of which dates and trains you must travel on. The tickets go on sale approximately 12 weeks ahead of travel. They can sell out quickly so the further ahead you book and the more flexible you can be, the bigger the savings you can make. NB: First Advance tickets do not normally allow access into First Class Lounges, you can check our Train Operators section (click here to access Train Operators).
  2. Buy anytime, travel off-peak: These tickets can give you excellent savings if you are able to travel off-peak but need some flexibility. They’re available up to a few minutes before departure and are usually valid with all train operators. These tickets may have break-of-journey, travel time and direction restrictions, so please check ticket conditions before purchase.
  3. Buy anytime, travel anytime: Anytime (First and Standard) single and return tickets are fully flexible and can be purchased up to a few minutes before your train departs. They are valid on all train operators' services. Anytime Return tickets are valid for one calendar month and Single tickets are valid for one day.com. NB: Friday pm and Sunday pm are very busy times to travel.


What is an Open Return ticket?

With an Open Return you do not need to specify a time or date of travel for the return stage of your journey. The tickets are valid for one calendar month from the outward date printed. There are different types of Open ticket: Anytime – fully flexible tickets that can be used on both peak and off-peak services. Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak - available on off-peak services on some journeys.


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