What to expect from redspottedhanky.com

We thought that we should tell you why we created the service and what you should expect from us - our commitment to you, our customers

What we're about

We want you to enjoy buying your tickets with us, we want to make the experience more enjoyable by delivering a service that you can trust in and rely upon.

At redspottedhanky.com, we believe in honesty and trust, and we are committed to our customers.


We'll give you something back

We realise that travel is done for a reason - not many people in the world use trains, planes and automobiles just for the sake of travelling, and we understand these are all means to an end.

We believe that we stand alongside many people when we say the mechanism by which travel is sold online is not focused enough on the needs of today's travellers. There is too much focus on the ‘hardware’, whether it is a train, plane or automobile, and not enough focus on the software ‘experience’, customer service or inspiration.

At redspottedhanky.com, we believe we have a solution to fix this. We know any lasting solution will require long term commitment, and we're willing to give this to our customers.

Let’s be honest, travel is not cheap, and too many businesses seem to forget that there are real people like you, who may not feel like they're getting good value for money.


We won't charge you a booking fee

Unlike other train companies, we draw the line at booking fees. We strongly feel that you already paying for your ticket, so we're not going to double charge you.


We support our charity partners

With Redspottedhanky you can give your small change a big purpose. When purchasing through our app we offer the opportunity for you to round up the price of your ticket to the nearest pound. This small act of kindness will make a big difference.

By rounding up the price of your ticket, you will be supporting the humanitarian effort on the ground in Ukraine. We are raising funds for the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. You can find out more about what they do here:



We'll always be open and honest with you

It's generally accepted economic theory that transparent markets are more efficient, and help to reduce prices. So we'll make sure that redspottedhanky.com operates as openly and honestly as possible. We'll also take every opportunity - and even try to create opportunities - to lower ticket prices for you.


We'll make it easier to purchase travel tickets

Right now, even if you're able to find the tickets for the trip that you want to make, it's really not all that easy to buy them. Unmanned stations, poor websites, bad customer service, excessive fees and deceptive marketing all lead to customer problems.

We've done our best to make redspottedhanky.com clear and intuitive to use. Using the best functionality available, we truly believe our train ticketing solution is the best on the market for you to find the best value tickets that meet your needs.

We understand that selling you a ticket is not enough, that's why we're committed to providing you with enough information to plan and manage your trip and to let us know how it went (whether good or bad). We'll continue developing our website to provide real-time travel information, route maps, destination information and independent reviews, so that you can make a fully informed choice before buying your travel tickets online.

Through initiatives such as these, we always strive to make the experience of buying your travel tickets care-free, secure and positive - after all this is part of the travel experience.


What if things go wrong?

We are committed to providing you with the best service we can, sometimes this may not always be possible, where we have let you down or not met your expectations we will do our best to put things right as quickly as possible where we can.

We want you to keep coming back to redspottedhanky.com to buy your train tickets, we believe the best way to do this is to build trust with you, that we can deliver to your needs time after time.


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