Please check here for some of our frequently asked questions about booking your tickets.


How do I change my ticket and will I be charged more?

How do I change my ticket and will I be charged more? This depends on the terms and conditions of your ticket, the nature of the change you wish to make and the availability of fares at the time. To check the terms and conditions of your ticket, log into your account and 'Check your order status'. If your ticket is a First or Standard Advance, you can change it online via Your Account. You will be charged any difference in fare, and you will incur a cost of £10.00 per ticket. Your original tickets and seat reservations, as well as the new tickets must be carried with you when you travel. Tickets can only be changed once online, if you need to change your tickets again please call our web support team. If your ticket is an Anytime, Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak fare and you wish to change the outward journey date, we advise you to cancel and re-book.

Please be aware when changing/amending your tickets , if your original tickets remains in TOD (Ticket on Departure Machine). These original tickets are required to be collected within 28days of the original travel date. Failure to do so will result in ticket expiration and new full price ticket will be required to be purchased.

Whilst changing/amending a tickets the delivery option TOD will not be available.

All amendment slips are required to be sent via post. Special Delivery may only be an option in certain circumstances due to your new travel date been within the 6 maximum working day period for First Class Post.

The website will not allow First class post within this time.


Why would I use 'Save for later'?

The 'Save for later' function allows you to hold the dates and times selected for your journey, however does not hold reservations or any fare selected. This function allows you to contact colleagues with dates/times to check suitability for your journey.


Can you quote a ticket price by email?

Unfortunately we cannot offer quotes for train tickets by email. This is because of the continuous live updates on ticket availability. Please use the “Buy Rail Ticket” section of our website where you can find information covering available ticket types, fares and routes. If you are unsure about the journey you are about to book or encounter any problems while making your booking then you can contact Web Support on 0800 377 7748 (free phone) or by email via Contact Us .


Why am I being asked to enter a promotional code?

You may be prompted to enter a code when you log in to your account during promotional discount periods. Firstly check your email account as we will have sent you an email containing the promotional code. Alternatively, please call the Web Support Team on 0800 377 7748 (freephone) for further details of the offer.


How do I make multiple bookings at the same time?

The number of purchases you can make per day is limited, however multiple journeys can be booked as part of the same transaction. To book an additional journey or journeys, select the "Book another journey" option on the Delivery Details screen.


Is it possible to purchase a ticket for someone else?

Train tickets can be used by anyone even though certain tickets will have the name of the traveller or person who booked the tickets printed on them. E-tickets must be used by the person named on the ticket and must have the purchase credit card used with them. When you are making a booking you can request that the tickets are sent to a different address. If you do purchase tickets for someone else please note that enclosed with the tickets will be the sales receipt. This shows the last four digits of the credit card as well as the purchase price.


Will I get a receipt for the tickets I purchased?

Yes. If your tickets are being delivered by post then a receipt will be enclosed with them. If collecting from a Self service ticket machine the receipt will be printed with the tickets. There are no VAT charges on train tickets.


Why can I see two tickets with the same name but different prices?

On some journeys two or more possible routes exist (e.g. one via London and one avoiding London). In these cases you will often see two or more tickets with the same name and different prices. The difference in price reflects different journey lengths or times. The cheaper ticket will usually have more restrictions.


Are period return tickets available on every route?

No. You may not be able to purchase period return tickets on some local routes where the outward and return journeys are on different days. In such cases you are advised to book two single tickets instead.


How do I find my booking reference?

A booking reference consists of 8 alpha-numerical characters. It is sent out in the confirmation email you receive when you have made a booking. To access your reference, log into your account then click "Check my order status". This shows all the bookings you have made. The booking reference number is at the top of this page.


I need help with a rail booking I have made with Who do I contact?

If you require any assistance with a rail booking made with please call Web Support on 0800 377 7748 (freephone).


What is the minimum transaction your website will accept?

The minimum transaction level on the website is £0.10. You will only be able to make a booking if your total spend exceeds this amount. This amount does not include any charges or fees applied.

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