Ticketing at the Station

Check here for some of our frequently asked questions about train ticketing including seating, ticket types, fast tickets and refunding

Can I go to the platform if I don’t have a ticket?

If you are not travelling and have a valid reason to access the station platforms then please speak to a member of the gateline team who can issue you with a platform ticket. Platform tickets are not valid for travel and are only valid for one hour on the platform.


Will ticket gates retain my ticket?

Yes, only outward return tickets, season tickets, Travelcards or tickets used as part of a break of journey will be returned from a gate.


How do I collect my ticket from the train station, if I have paid for my tickets with e-vouchers?

If you have paid for your tickets entirely using e-vouchers you can collect your tickets from the self service ticket machine at the train station using any debit/credit card together with your order confirmation number for your tickets.


What do I need to take with me when I travel?

Your train tickets and reservation coupons. If you cannot present these, or are travelling on a train other than those detailed on your reservation coupons, you will be charged the appropriate fare for your journey. This charge is not refundable so be sure that you have all your tickets and reservations with you before travel. If you have had your tickets delivered through our E-Ticket option you must take the card that was used to purchase the ticket with you as you will need it when you have your ticket checked at the station and on board the train.


What happens if I purchase a ticket from redspottedhanky and my train is delayed?

redspottedhanky is an impartial retailer and sells train tickets on behalf of all Train Operators. If you were delayed on a train you should direct any complaints to that operator. Please follow this link for details on how to contact Train Operators .


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