On Board

Check here for some of our frequently asked questions about on-board services

What is the Quiet Coach?

Train Operators may often designate certain coaches in First or Standard as a Quiet Coach. Train Operators restrictions and coaches used will vary but as a rule they ask that electronic equipment is used in silent mode and that all mobile telephone conversations are made in the vestibules at the ends of the coach.


What catering services are offered on trains?

Many Train Operators offer refreshments on board and this will vary from at seat services and restaurant services in First Class to trolley services and shops in Standard class. To find out more about the services offered, please contact the Train Operator Company direct.


Is smoking permitted on trains or in the station?

No. All trains and stations in the UK are smoke-free.


Can I take my bike with me on-board trains?

Yes, bicycles are carried free of charge on some Train Operator services when accompanied by a valid ticket holder, however all spaces are subject to availability. Some Train Operators may charge for this service though. There are varying rules and guidelines between Train Operators, please click on the link to view the policies of each company. Please view their own policy by visiting National Rail.


Can I take my pet with me on train services?

Yes. Up to two dogs, cats or other small domestic animals can travel with you free of charge provided they do not occupy a seat. For each additional dog, cat or other small animal there will be a charge. This will be half the adult fare for the type of ticket held for the journey, subject to a maximum of £5.00 single £10.00 return. Special arrangements will be made for passengers travelling with an assistance dog who have booked through our Assisted Travel.


Do train services carry mobility scooters?

Yes, provided they do not exceed certain dimensions depending on the type of rolling stock and the Train Operator, for details please speak directly to the Train Operator Companies .


Do trains convey petrol-powered vehicles such as mopeds?

No. For safety reasons trains are unable to convey any petrol – powered vehicles.


Where can I access WiFi on board trains and what is the cost?

WiFi access is available from a number of train operators on their services, please click the link below to check with the operator you are travelling with. If you have a WiFi enabled laptop your system should automatically detect the on board server and direct you to its landing page when you switch on. If you do not see this you will need to manually set the network ID. For further details please contact the Train Operator


Will I be able to heat baby food or my own food on-board the train?

For health and safety reasons, on-board staff are unable to heat baby food or any other food you may have purchased prior to boarding the train. The equipment used on board is substantially more powerful than domestic equipment, so heating instructions either written on the products or requested by you may not be accurate. Even when the food/drink feels acceptable to the touch, the heating process may produce hot spots in these items. Items sold on-board have been tested and risk assessed before being offered for sale, while your own food has not undergone this process.