Journey Assistance

Find out how Journey Assistance can help you

Can I get help when travelling on trains?

Yes, you can - most train operating companies will book assistance for you on their trains.

The various rolling stock types of each train operator means they all have slightly different restrictions, and unfortunately not all stations are able to deal with customer assistance.


Can I take my powered scooter on board a train?

Because scooters come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, many problems can arise when taking them on board trains. These include tipping backwards on ramps, being heavier than the ramp's safe working load and being the wrong shape to manoeuvre safely inside a carriage.

These problems mean that some rail companies have trains that simply cannot carry scooters. So, if you're a scooter-user who wants to travel by rail, you should contact the train company to check they can safely accommodate your scooter.