Travelling with a Bike

Train Operators encourage the integrated use of cycles and trains - two convenient and environmentally friendly forms of transport.

However, please note that some train companies have restrictions on the services and times that accompanied cycles may be carried on trains, especially at peak times. You can find details of cycle policies and restrictions on our train companies page - just select the train company you're travelling with and look at the 'services' section.


General points about travelling with bicycles

Train companies do not charge for carrying accompanied cycles on their services.

  • If a cycle reservation is required, please make your reservation as far in advance as possible
  • Cycles are not carried during periods of restriction, check our train company pages for details
  • Please label your cycle clearly
  • Please cover your folded cycle
  • Tandems, tricycles and bicycle trailers are not carried, unless otherwise stated
  • Unaccompanied cycles cannot be carried on any train services
  • Motorcycles cannot be carried on any train services
  • Cycles must be carried in the designated area of trains, and must not obstruct doors or aisles
  • Cycles are carried at owner’s risk (see National Rail Conditions of Carriage)


Engineering work and bicycles

Engineering work may affect train services, and please be aware that non-folding bicycles are not allowed on rail replacement bus services at any time. Folding bicycles are accepted if fully folded.


Folded bicycles

  • Folding bicycles are carried free of charge and without restriction on all train services, subject only to the following requirements for specific services:
  • c2c and Stansted Express - folding bicycles should be transported in a protective carrying case
  • East Coast , East Midlands Trains and South West Trains - folding bicycles are carried free of charge, provided they can be stowed as luggage
  • London Overground - folding bicycles carried free of charge, up to a limit of one cycle per vestibule area during peak times


Bicycle storage and hire

A growing number of railway stations now have good quality cycle storage on or near to the station, and many train companies also work with independent cycle companies to offer cycle hire at stations.